Internet Gateway + E-TRV + Connection Devices

It starts to heat your home when you approach, and

turns off the heating when you move away from your home.

  • By connecting the E-TRV to the internet, all features can be checked on your mobile device or the temperature value can be manually adjusted from the E-TRV thermostat head.
  • E-TRV, can be programmed 24/7 in daily 1 5-minute time frames, maximizing comfort and savings.
  • When you approach your home within 250 meters or 25 km distance, it starts to heat your house before you arrive.
  • By pairing with six E-TRV gateaways, the mobile device and rooms can be set seperately.
  • it provides more than 2 years of usage with its long battery.

Product Code:  602120967 E-TRV+Connection Devices

Connection Parts 

  • 3 Connection Devices (RA/RAV/RAVL)

Smart Electonic Thermostatic Radiator Valves

  • 2 x AA batery
  • M30 x 1,5


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