How to Save Combi Boiler?

How to Save Combi Boiler?

As the cold starts to overwhelm and bills come in, two important questions arise. How to save a combi boiler? What are the combi saving methods? Saving in the use of natural gas is one of the methods that reduces the bill and it is very effective, but we are given very wrong information about this and we may be exposed to more natural gas bills while trying to save. If you wish, how to save substance substance combi boiler? Let's look for the answer to this question.

Combi Saving Methods

Choosing the Right Combi Boiler

As new technologies emerge, we can see more clearly the disadvantages of old technologies. The new combi boiler models, which contain technologies for saving, provide much more savings compared to the old combi boiler models. It is very important for natural gas bills that do not hurt, to prefer new model combi boiler models that are not only useful but also in terms of savings.

Keeping the Combi Open at a Certain Level

Although it makes sense to turn off the combi boiler during short periods when we are away, it actually causes more energy to be wasted. For example, turning off the combi boiler on the way to work and turning it on when you return home is not a saving item, on the contrary, it is a system that increases the natural gas bill. When you turn off the combi boiler for a short time, you cause the house to cool down and when you turn it on again, the boiler spends more energy to heat up your house.

Boiler Maintenance

In our country, we generally do not call the boiler maintenance service before the combi boiler deteriorates, but we cannot realize that this makes us pay heavier bills. Boiler maintenance must be done once a year and it must be ensured that the boiler works properly. The boiler may have to spend much more energy due to any malfunction that may be a combi boiler that is not maintained.

Building Insulation and Prevention of Heat Loss

It is important not to experience heat loss in combi boiler saving. Cold air coming from the windows and lack of building insulation cause heat loss. Trying to prevent heat loss, the boiler is forced to generate more energy as a result. In such cases, it is best to repair the area of ​​heat loss, so to speak.

Honeycomb Care and Proper Use

If the combs cannot distribute the heat to the environment as they should, this causes your combi to use more energy. For this reason, you should have your combi maintenance as well as your combi maintenance at regular intervals. Likewise, the use of honeycomb affects heat dissipation. Areas where heat will come out should not be covered on the honeycomb. For example, most people hang their laundry on the honeycomb. However, this is both harmful to the combs and prevents the heat from spreading in the house.